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Our Principles.

We understand that there are many options when it comes to providing care. Our core values as a provider can help guide you in your journey to better and complete habilitative care. 


All staff employed by Positive Developmental Supports must exemplify professionalism and skill in their area of expertise prior to having access to you, your home, and loved ones. We take care to implement safety, and quality control measures to ensure your loved one benefits from the experience of our employees.


Our staff is employed based on care and skill demonstrated with individuals needing service. We hold our time with your loved one in high-regard and assure that each of our staff exemplifies a professional and caring experience with every interaction.


Consistency is key when providing habilitative service. The value of this service is only realized if the individuals and families who receive our services feel confident about our support. We ensure our staff and services will always be provided in a manner that meets your expectations. We are here for you!


The details about your loved one's medical and social journey belongs to THEM. We respect the privacy of you and your loved one and we provide safeguards to assure that privacy remains in-tact at all times.

Services We Offer

Each situation is unique. We are happy to customize our services to you and your loved one’s specific needs. Review our options below!

Community Inclusion

The feeling of being included, eliminates feelings of isolation. Though there are ever-present social barriers for people with intellectual disability, creating avenues for community inclusion ensures participation and feelings of acceptance for those requiring this service. This element is NECESSARY for an adequate quality of life.

Supportive Family Living

With any skill, learning comes with its own risk of failure. However, with a proper support system in place, learning is not only possible, but much more successful. Individuals with intellectual disability benefit by observing skills demonstrated by family members. Our services would provide family members the information needed to properly support and guide their loved one.

Shared Living Provider

Shared Living Providers welcome individuals with disability into their homes and help guide learning and demonstrate skills in an intimate, family setting. Much like Supportive Family Living, the immersive support settings such as these, can provide consistent and ample exposure to skills for daily living.

Shared Living- Residential Habilitation

Residential Habilitation is when individuals are provided services in a provider-controlled home utilizing shift staff to ensure continuous support. Individuals who receive these services and cohabitate with peers for this type of support.

Respite Services

You simply cannot offer proper assistance to your loved one unless you are at your best. Caretaker respite time is and investment into the quality of care and lifestyle for those needing service. Let us help you create an action plan to include this necessary element to greater outcomes for all!

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